About Me

I’m an aging Scot living in exile in England, to get away from the racism in central Scotland.  I am happily married to my one and only (first) wife Gabriella, although we did have a very shaky spell when we looked into the abyss called divorce and decided that we did not want to go there.  We have two young adult children.  I am Christian now, but I was converted at the age of 26, more than 30 years ago.  I have both Christian and non-Christian friends, and my interests are current affairs, honesty and integrity in politicians, marriage and divorce, and recreational sea angling.


6 Responses to About Me

  1. Miserman says:

    Can you elaborate on the racism you experience in central Scotland?

    • ukfred says:

      Certainly: It is turning the old joke on its head. Not only do the Scots support anybody who is likely to beat the English at any sport, but the Scots in the central belt hate the English with a passion. After being at an English university, I had to soften my accent and when out with an uncle for a pint I had someone want to have a fight with me because “We shouldnae be servin’ youse Inglish bastards in oor Scoattish pubs!” on more than one occasion. A friend in Yorkshire who installs and commissions machinery has had similar experiences in the Central Belt, but not in the Abrdeen or the Inverness areas. Another Scot who has also emigrated asked his English wife to order furniture about 35 years ago from a Scottish chain of furniture retailers and when his furniture did not arrive and she went back to enquire was told “You’re English. You’ll have to wait for the next order. Somebody Scottish ordered the same stuff and they got the first delivery” Apparently, if you don’t talk like Rab C Nesbitt and spend all your time drunk, you’re English and a focus for hatred.

  2. Miserman says:

    Wow. Very sad. I’ve no problem with being proud of one’s ethnic place in world, but utter contempt for others is wrong, in my opinion.

  3. ukfred says:

    It is sad, but the only time I ever heard anything like similar going the other way, it was directed at Andy Murray, the tennis player. When Murray had made some remark or other about not supporting England in the last World Cup, when England were the only British Team that had qualified, several English people responded with wishes that he exited the rest of his tournaments in the first round. But that was personal and not directed against Scots in general.

  4. Opus says:

    Ah, but you have to understand the Scots hate the English. We don’t care, we don’t care at all, because we are indifferent, in fact we prefer it that way. (They love us really which is why UKFred lives in England).

    • ukfred says:

      Assuming that the ‘we’ you use means the Scots, you are wrong, Opus. The Scots are not indifferent, unless you mean that they are indifferent to the racisim they display towards the English The Scots have a very high level of anti-English racism that many of them seem to be proud of. At times, I am ashamed of my Scottish background because of this. For the nation that brought the likes of Adam Smith, John Hume, James MacAdam, and John Logie Baird to the world, it is a small-minded and generally pretty sorry state of affairs, and a part of the reason why I will never return to Scotland to settle.

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