An Apology

I have been suffering for some time with a very painful leg and the medics are having fun and games trying to come up with a diagnosis before they start treatment. When the pain recedes, normal service will be resumed, but I would not like to say when that is going to be.

About UK Fred

A Christian who cares that the church in Britain conforms to societal demands, rather than transforms society. I am particularly concerned with the lack of support for marriage and the acceptance of divorce in the church. I also care that the body politic in Britain seems to be corrupt and in need of a good shake-up.
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One Response to An Apology

  1. Availeth says:

    Why “apology”? No apology to give just for being on this side of Eden. We (you and others not me, I think) might go “from strength to strength and glory to glory”, but that’s for sure not physical by all evidences except maybe Jack LaLanne.

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