Abuse of Powers by the Police in Edinburgh

I will leave it all to Dale McAlpine’s posting. Dale has also been arrested on hearsay while preaching and freed without charge.


I will quote in full the questions on Mind Renewers blog by Jon Gleason. At the very least Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish Justice Minister needs to address the issues raised.

Even if Don Karns had engaged in “homophobic speech” (he apparently did not), why does “homophobic speech” constitute a “police incident” (your officer’s words)? Which legislation defines “homophobic speech” and says it is a crime?

Since he was not charged with a crime, why did your officers interfere with him?

Will the person who made allegations against him be charged with wasting police time? Or did your officer invent the whole thing on his own?

Shouldn’t officers take witness statements affirming a specific crime, or observe criminal activity themselves, before interfering with a person’s lawful activity?

Why is your officer so opposed to his actions being filmed? If acting properly, a video is his best friend. What was he wanting to say or do that he did not want on film?

Do officers ever overstep their authority, and is the ability to video police actions a legitimate tool for holding police accountable against abuses?

Does officer training include guidance on preventing members of the public from filming police activities?

Is there any justification in law for an officer taking three steps towards a person filming in a public place, and extending a hand to block the camera?

If it is necessary to take three steps and then reach out to block the camera, how can that be characterised as the camera being “in my face”?

Even after the camera was at a distance, why did your officer signal to his partner to move in front of the cameraman to block the filming?

Why did his partner cooperate in the attempt to prevent filming?

Does the law allow officers to force someone who has committed no crime to go sit in a police car, and to use threats of arrest to keep others from observing what they are doing?

Does the law create an exclusion zone around a police car that prevents members of the public from approaching the car, or was your officer just inventing stuff?

Does Police Scotland really think it is a good idea for police to harass a Christian preacher at the location of a memorial to Christians who died under religious persecution?

If Don Karns were a Muslim, or a homosexual or political activist, you would be paying compensation for harassment. Will you offer compensation, or will you just hope that he’ll “turn the other cheek” since he’s a Christian?

Will these officers face any disciplinary action?

Do we live in a police state? Does legislation permit this kind of police behaviour?

Do you stand by this statement you made in 2010? “We continue to guarantee that those who have Christian views can express their views without coming before the courts.”

Would you care to expand that guarantee to say that they can also express their views without being harassed by police?

If your assurances from 2010 were worth so little, why should we believe any SNP “assurances” in regard to homosexual “marriage” not being used to restrict religious liberty? Can you really be surprised if some Christians are slow to believe your guarantees and assurances?

Mind Renewers asks the following questions of the people of Scotland, but I believe we need to extend that to the whole of the United Kingdom.

Why did none of the people standing around speak up and say that he’d broken no law?

Are we really willing to have our police forces engaged in this kind of bullying? Is society as a whole going to say nothing about this?

Do we even have a functional press in this country? Why are they saying nothing? Is it not newsworthy when a Christian preacher is harassed by police at the Covenanter’s Memorial?

Does a nation with Scotland’s heritage really want to reach the point where those who believe what Christians have always believed can be silenced by a few militant homosexuals? Do we really want a nation where they can not only force everyone to go along with their actions, but even prohibit people from expressing contrary views?

Do we want a society where an unsubstantiated allegation of “homophobic speech” will trigger police action?

I would like to thank UKRepent.com and Mindrenewers.com for bringing this item to my attention. It comes two days after I had seen an unmarked armoured Landrover leave police premises, and only a few weeks after I had seem police with automatic or semi-automatic firearms standing on streets in the UK. I keep saying that the end determines the means. Are we headed to the right destination?

About UK Fred

A Christian who cares that the church in Britain conforms to societal demands, rather than transforms society. I am particularly concerned with the lack of support for marriage and the acceptance of divorce in the church. I also care that the body politic in Britain seems to be corrupt and in need of a good shake-up.
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6 Responses to Abuse of Powers by the Police in Edinburgh

  1. ukfred says:

    I have e-mailed Kenny MacAskill using the contact form on his web site http://www.kennymacaskill.co.uk and include a copy below. Please also e-mail him so as to ensure that he realises that there are some Christians who will not allow injustice to flourish in Britain.

    “Dear Mr. MacAskill

    “Although I am no longer resident in Scotland I try to keep abreast of what is happening in my home country and I have found this video on YouTube disconcerting.

    “I would be most interested to know what investigations are being made to find out whether the detention of Mr. Karns was justified under the law, and if as I suspect it was not, what are you going to do about it.

    “Yours sincerely”

    I hope as many as possible contact him in regard of this appalling incident.

  2. ukfred says:

    I have now received an e-mail acknowledgement of receipt. Let us see what happens now.

    • Jon Gleason says:

      Interesting. I emailed him (not using the contact form) this morning, I’m assuming well before you did, and have received no acknowledgement at all.

      Thank you for highlighting this, Fred. The press seem silent. I asked Police Scotland if they were going to make a statement. They’ve not even acknowledged my contact. I begin to think we need to start asking others to publicise this.

  3. Good job Fred my Brother, much appreciated.

    God bless

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