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Preaching the Word

I have just returned home from our morning service at church, and I really do not know whether to laugh or cry. I have no problem that the text for the sermon was Acts 11 vv 19 – 26, the … Continue reading

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Follow up to Abuse of Powers

I previously posted about the detention of Mr. Dan Karns who was preaching at the Covenanters Monument in Edinburgh at I have now had an acknowledgement timed at 11:13 Thursday 20th June from Thomas Hastie of the Ministerial correspondence … Continue reading

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Abuse of Powers by the Police in Edinburgh

I will leave it all to Dale McAlpine’s posting. Dale has also been arrested on hearsay while preaching and freed without charge. I will quote in full the questions on Mind Renewers blog by Jon Gleason. At the very … Continue reading

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The Christian on the Internet

I have been taking part in some discussions on the internet in what is generally known as the ‘manosphere’. This is a loose grouping of sites that include the men’s rights movement, pick-up artists and game, and complementarian marriage. There … Continue reading

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The Christian and the local church fellowship

The bible study group is looking at the book of Acts. We started last week. I am looking forward to this series of studies because I know that this is the story of the beginning of The Church. In it … Continue reading

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