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Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

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Wishing People a Blessed and Prosperous New Year

As a Scot, I know that I am jumping the gun by posting this on Hogmanay, but so what? I would like to take this opportunity to wish every visitor to this blog a blessed and prosperous New Year. Blessed, … Continue reading

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Christianity in Action

In the run-up to Christmas we have heard a great deal about Pay-day loans and complaints about the amount of charges on such loans. Two things I will say here, and you will probably agree with one and be upset … Continue reading

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A Conversation

On Sunday I went to our church’s Carol service in the evening, where I met again a pastor who works full time as a hospital chaplain. He has not been attending church regularly for some time and I took the … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming…

Although we are still in the season of advent, Christmas is not so far away, just two more days and it will be Christmas. At Mind Renewers, Pastor Jon Gleason has given some of us good reasons to celebrate, and … Continue reading

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Starting to Celebrate

In the last week, Gabriella (Darling wife) and I went to see Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band on one of their Christmas Carol concerts. They sing well known carols with arrangements that include medieval instruments. I invite you to … Continue reading

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Listening to the Word of God II

As anyone who has read my posts on the Methodist Church in Britain will know, I at times despair about the unwillingness of its Conference to take seriously what is written in Scripture. This week I have been to a … Continue reading

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