The Director of Children’s services in Rotherham should resign, after she has done one last duty.  Every person from the one making the decision that political views are more important than children in a fostering case up the chain of command to the Director of Children’s Services should be on the receiving end of a dismissal notice for misconduct in a public office.  The behaviour of the social workers is nothing short of abusive to the children involved.  But expecting council jobsworths in a Labour-controlled local authority to do anything for any reason other than they are forced to do it is like whistling for the moon, or expecting Geoge Moonbat in the Grauniad to ask all his readers to vote Conservative.

for the story of how social workers decided that foster parents’ political views was more important than the welfare of children read the link.

And now The Mail reports that another member of UKIP has been banned from looking after children by Barnardos. Another politically correct charity just like Common Purpose. But shouldn’t it keep out of politics and care for children.

About UK Fred

A Christian who cares that the church in Britain conforms to societal demands, rather than transforms society. I am particularly concerned with the lack of support for marriage and the acceptance of divorce in the church. I also care that the body politic in Britain seems to be corrupt and in need of a good shake-up.
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