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Intercepted Communication

From our religious affairs correspondent I have seen the following letter but have heard no official response from the Methodist Church in Britain. “To the Daughters of Wesley who reside in the land of Britain write: ‘Here is the message … Continue reading

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A Study on The Lord’s Prayer

I would like to unpack a little of something that most Christians say at least weekly in church, and try to tease out some of the implications of what we so often say parrot fashion so that we can all … Continue reading

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Age Difference on Marriage

Dalrock has asked “Which sex is driving delayed marriage in the US?” This got me to have a look at the ONS (Office of National Statistics) here in Britain to have a look at our statistics.  The following table … Continue reading

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Rejoice, Rejoice, I say again Rejoice

Yousef Nadarkhani is freed by Iran! According to reliable sources, during court proceedings that took place today, Pastor Nadarkhani was acquitted of apostasy, but found guilty of evangelizing Muslims. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment for the latter charge, … Continue reading

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Church, What is it good for?

After almost two weeks without a computer, I am delighted to have a computer back up and working, to be able to browse the ‘net for a view of Christian comment and some non-Christian comment too. In the interim, I … Continue reading

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