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Worship uplifting – but denomination is a downer

We had a visiting minister this morning.  I had never heard him preach before and I was impressed.  He reminded us that our job, our Great Commission was not to make conversions, not to increase church membership, but to make … Continue reading

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The Local Church Fellowship at Worship

This week I would like to come closer to home.  What really matters is the local church fellowship and how that local church fellowship enables the members of the congregation, whether formally members of the church or not, to be … Continue reading

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Listening to the Word of God

I have used the two of my last three postings to postings to look at the position of the Methodist Church in Britain on marriage and divorce. I have recently seen the posting on the Christian Men’s Defense Network Continue reading

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Marriage and the Methodist Church – Part 2

After being derailed by ‘events, dear boy, events’ I would like to return to the subject of marriage celebrated in church, with an emphasis on the Methodist Church. Unlike the Roman Catholics and the Anglicans, the Methodists will marry divorcees … Continue reading

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