Christian Marriage

I have not been able to disentangle the British statistics for breakdown of marriage for church-goers and others.  But there is one thing that I am sure of.  Over the last 30 years I have heard very little teaching if any in church about marriage that I would describe as wholesome and biblically based.

I thank God for that small band of bloggers who look at sex and marriage from a Christian perspective and I would like to ask folks to have a look at

J has been faithfully blogging about marriage and sex from a Christian viewpoint since before I was even reading blogs and she has identified a lacking in the teaching on marriage on her side of the Pond too.

Does the church need to take the route that J is suggesting or, to use the words of another lady, married, with grown up children and in her 50’s who attends the same church I attend when speaking about Sheila Gregoire’s blog, “It’s too raunchy”.  Be kind of interesting to know where people stand.

About UK Fred

A Christian who cares that the church in Britain conforms to societal demands, rather than transforms society. I am particularly concerned with the lack of support for marriage and the acceptance of divorce in the church. I also care that the body politic in Britain seems to be corrupt and in need of a good shake-up.
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